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Access trainings, manuals, and other resources to prepare for and administer the IAR Summative assessments. The links to the correct file layouts are contained in the relevant manual.

IAR Key Dates – Spring 2023
Event Date(s)
IAR Spring 2023 Testing Window – Paper Testing 3/6/23 - 4/7/23
IAR Spring 2023 Testing Window – Online Testing 3/6/23 - 4/21/23
Student registration available in PearsonAccessnext (PAN) 12/28/22
Deadline for Districts/Schools to have student information loaded into PAN for Pre-ID* 1/27/23
Initial Materials in District – Wave 1 (Manuals Only) 1/26/23
Initial Materials in District – Wave 2 (Initial Orders) 2/21/23
Additional order window for districts/schools (all paper testing materials) 2/21/23 – 4/5/23
Prepare Sessions Start 3/2/23
Start Sessions Start / End 3/6/23 – 4/21/23
Deadline to return paper-based testing scorable and nonscorable materials to Pearson (picked up by vendor - 1 week after testing) 4/14/23
Deadline to return computer-based testing nonscorable materials to Pearson (Math Human Reader scripts - 1 week after testing) 4/28/23

Test Administrator Manuals

The Test Administrator Manuals provide instructions necessary for the paper-based and computer-based administration of the IAR assessments.

Test Administrator Scripts

Test Administrator Scripts for administration directions are provided for English, Large Print, Braille and Translated into ten languages.

Test Coordinator Manual

The Test Coordinator Manual provides instructions for test coordinators to facilitate the administrations of the paper-based and computer-based versions of the IAR assessments.

Accommodation Resources

Information to assist in populating accommodation and accessibility information for students in PearsonAccessnext. Resources include Student Registration/Personal Needs Profile Layouts, Field Definition Document, an Accommodation Template and Guide for Adding Accommodations Manually within PearsonAccessNext.

Accessibility Features and Accommodations (AF&A) Resources

Documents to help you assign and deliver accessibility features and accommodations to students. Accessibility features are tools or preferences that are either built into the assessment system or provided externally by Test Administrators and are available to all students. Accommodations are adjustments to the test format and presentation, timing, or the method in which students respond to test questions that provide equitable access for students with disabilities and students who are English learners.

Tools and Policies

Math Reference Sheets, Tool FAQs, and Policy information

For IAR, please use word-to-word glossaries approved by College Board. If ISBE staff approves any other word-to-word glossaries beyond those listed by College Board, we will post on this site.

Illinois Learning Management System

The Illinois Learning Management System (LMS) contains interactive trainings that include Test Coordinator trainings, Test Administration trainings, Technology Readiness trainings and Reports trainings.